As he climbs his ladder on the Medical Intensive Care Unit, ChristianaCare electrician Joseph Mahoney Jr. selects his favorite tools – a pliers and an adjustable screwdriver. He has high-tech tools of course, but he often returns to these tried-and-true favorites.

Joseph Mahoney Jr.

Electrician, Newark Campus

New Grandfather, Phillies “Phan,” 25 Years at ChristianaCare

Mahoney works largely behind the scenes, yet his job is powerful literally. In fact, he is responsible for ensuring that electrical power gets to all interior areas of Christiana Hospital – from a pull cord in a patient room to the headwall above a patient bed to lighting in operating rooms and the Emergency Department.

Because of Mahoney and his colleagues, the lights stay on, the clocks run on time and our patients stay safe.

Master electrician

Like all of ChristianaCare’s electricians, Mahoney is professionally licensed. Following the industry standard, licensed electricians abide by the National Electric Code of the National Fire Protection Association. The code the benchmark for safe electrical design, installation and inspection to protect people and property from electrical hazards.

“Joe is responsible for making sure power gets to any area that needs it,” said Facilities Manager Joseph Foss. Every outlet, light switch, panel and cord require an electrician’s expertise.

Mahoney graduated from St. Mark’s High School, then attended Adult Vocational Trade classes at Delcastle Technical High School. He apprenticed at Nemours Children’s Hospital. He became a journeyman, the next level up, in 1989 and earned his master electrician’s license in 1992.

Making it look easy

“Guys like Joe, who have been around for so long, make it look easy but it can be a very dangerous job. Working with electricity means you have to be very safety-conscious,” Foss said.

Joe Mahoney also keeps the clocks running on time. Births, surgical start times and clocks in patient rooms are all timed according to the clocks he sets.

“During the pandemic, our electricians and Facilities caregivers have had to go into positive patient rooms and gown up, just like a clinical caregiver. It’s another layer of protecting the well-being of our patients and caregivers.”

The work of ChristianaCare’s electricians factors into assessments by federal agencies including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, the Joint Commission and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

On and off the clock

Mahoney has a special role at Christiana Hospital: He keeps the clocks running on time. All the clocks on a master hospital-wide control panel and must be timed to the second. And they are, thanks to Mahoney. Births, surgical start times and clocks in patient rooms are all timed according to the clocks he sets.

Outside of work, Mahoney knows the joys of being a new grandfather and the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

With 25 years at ChristianaCare, he is a dedicated teammate: “I’m proud to be part of the team at ChristianaCare. All of us pulling together during the pandemic — in whatever job we’re in — really has made a difference, and it shows.”

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