I did not have oncology navigation as a goal when I was in nursing school. Then fate took over when the Breast Health Center nurse manager called me to join her team. I was working in the recovery room at the time. I accepted, and after 14 years of working in the Breast Health Center helping women diagnosed with breast cancer, I feel as though I am following my destiny.

Do all through love

Susan DeWitt, MSN, RN, CBCN, Nurse Navigator

Breast Health Center, Union Hospital

MomMom to Four Grandchildren. Admirer of St. Francis de Sales.

Community is something we all feel strongly in the Breast Center. We are a team. The people who come in to receive care definitely pick up on that sense of connectedness we all share.

A warm, welcoming environment is so important in the delivery of our services to encourage women to get their breast cancer screening and also for those who need assistance in navigating through a health concern or crisis. We help find ways for them to overcome barriers and get to the resources they need for their best outcome. The best part is after a job well done, we see that reflected in the patients we serve.

Where love leads, excellence follows

I want women to know that getting screened for breast cancer is important. Finding breast cancer and treating it early results in better outcomes overall. Mostly, I want those undergoing breast cancer treatment to know that we care and they are not alone.

I like the attitude of serving others. It’s about other people. It’s very fulfilling when you know you can help a person do better and you see them do better as a result of what you’ve done. I think is it very brave of ChristianaCare to say we serve together with love and excellence. Everything else flows from love. And excellence — it’s the thing we can’t get to without being together.

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