I started in health care as a file clerk while going to school for my medical assistant certification. When I became employed at ChristianaCare, I transitioned into the office assistant role and then administrative roles. Because I was in those positions, it has helped me understand our caregivers. I pay close attention to what motivates them. I understand the challenges they face.

Getting better all the time

Keysha Ferguson, B.S., LSSGB, Practice Manager

ChristianaCare Primary Care

Club President, ChristianaCare Toastmasters; Co-Lead, GOALS Employee Resource Group

MBA Student. Reality TV Fan. Mom of Three.

I push them to be better and do better—and do it all with love and excellence. I really stand by our values. I preach them. I talk about them every day in our huddle and throughout the day.

If I can jump in and help, I will. I am used to being that person who is very resourceful. I think that comes from being an administrative assistant to someone in an executive role. Your job is to find the answer because they’re looking to you to schedule meetings, to organize their calendars, to handle meeting minutes and other responsibilities. You realize how important it is to reach out. I ask questions. I offer my help. I look to help move things forward. I also love building those relationships in the health system.

Speak off the cuff? Me? Well, maybe.

I’m the president of ChristianaCare Toastmasters but speaking off the cuff has always been a struggle for me. Before Toastmasters, when people would tell me I had to talk in front of a group, I would look at them and say, “What? No way.” So, when I heard about Toastmasters, I figured I would see what it was about. I’m a person that as soon as I get introduced to something new, I kind of dive right in. I become very passionate about it and kind of obsess over it. Right away, I started giving speeches and practicing—and it has made such a difference.

But I’ll tell you this: I still get nervous, my heart races and I start to get sweaty. Even if I speak up on a huddle, I have a colleague that I ask, “How did that sound?” They’ll say, “Oh, you sound great.” Just because I’m the president of Toastmasters, that feeling doesn’t go away. You just keep trying.

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