To prevent illness, including coronavirus COVID-19, remember to clean frequently touched surfaces, including your phone.

Here’s how to clean and disinfect your phone safely:

  • Unplug the phone from charging or any devices or cables.
  • Spray a non-abrasive disinfectant or 70% isopropyl alcohol on a soft, lint-free cloth. Do not spray liquid on the phone itself. Moisture could get in the phone and damage it.
  • Gently clean the phone and phone case with the cloth. Don’t use paper towels or anything else that is abrasive.
  • Don’t use bleach to clean the phone.

You can do a few other things to help keep your phone clean—and help keep you safe:

  • Text or email photos to others instead of handing people your phone.
  • Avoid putting your phone on surfaces that you haven’t disinfected.
  • Use Bluetooth or a headset when possible. That way the phone isn’t touching your face.