Be ready when the trail beckons and make the most of your outdoor adventure with these essential items and tips.

1.  First aid kit. Include your own personal medication and something to stop bleeding.

2.  Emergency shelter. Carry a large trash bag so you can cut a hole in it and hunker down.

3.  Compass and map. These tools won’t leave your navigation dependent on a cellular signal.

4.  Extra clothing. Even a hat can help.

5.  Extra water. Drink only tap water, or if drinking from streams or other unprotected sources, purify it first. Sports drinks are OK for hydration; soda isn’t.

6.  Extra food. Trail mix is a good choice.

7.  Tools for fire. Waterproof matches and a lighter can come in handy.

8.  Light. A headlamp can free up your hands.

9.  Sun protection. Remember that you may need to apply sunscreen more than once a day.

10. Knife and duct tape. These simple but versatile tools can help you in a wide variety of tasks, from first aid to whittling a walking stick to repairing other gear.