Tips for snacking healthy during the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is a fun time for family and friends to gather around the television and watch the best in football. Here are some tips for snacking healthy during the game:

  1. Serve a healthy snack. Include a fruit salad or cut up vegetables with a low-fat spinach or hummus dip. This way you’ll know there will be at least one healthier option.
  2. Lower the fat. When recipes call for mayonnaise or sour cream, select the low-fat versions, or substitute Greek yogurt.
  3. Don’t go hungry. Eat a high-fiber or high-protein snack before the party, and you’ll eat less during the game.
  4. Get your exercise in before the game. When you do this, it offsets what you’re likely to eat during the game.
  5. Limit alcohol. Alcoholic drinks can pack a lot of calories. Stick with water, flavored waters/seltzer waters, etc.
  6. Assess the table, decide what foods are your favorites. You may have these foods only on special occasions. Stick to them. Try not to snack on foods that you may not even love, but eat just because they’re there.