This fall, relearn the enjoyment of outside exercise

This time of the year inspires my senses and brings back memories of enjoying the outside when I was a kid.  With the change of seasons comes a change of attitude and goals. I start to realize that exercising is not a chore or a scheduled activity that needs to be completed each day.  I need to connect with what brings me enjoyment and not feel pressured to force an activity in my busy day that I do not thoroughly have fun with.

I’ve always been active. I race competitively throughout the spring and summer, but fall is when I truly enjoy exercise and being outside.  I’ve learned through my children the enjoyment that running and biking brings to me this time of year as we exercise together.

Learn to love exercise again while enjoying the great fall weather. Here are some tips for enjoying the fall season with a new sense of motivation:

  • Try something new. This is the time of year to go out and try a completely different activity. I started outdoor trail running at local state parks, and I love it. I try to run a different trail each week. It’s nice to disconnect from everything — even my trusted iPod that seems like a part of me. I like to listen to the serenity of my new surroundings and pace of my breathing this time of year to re-energize and get back to basics.
  • Work out at lunch. With the weather cooling off and the days becoming shorter, now is a good time to fit in a workout at lunch time. I usually have an issue with this during the hotter weather because of returning to work after a workout and not being able to cool down. Now that the weather is nice and crisp, there are no excuses.
  • Enlist a workout buddy. It’s a good time to ask around at the office for a coworker to join you for a walk outside to refresh your mind and body. Finding a friend to work out with will help both of you to stay motivated and give you time to catch up on each other’s lives outside of work.
  • Rejuvenate yourself. Fall is a great time to reinvigorate your body and mind. Take time for yourself this fall, and treat your body to a massage after your workout. This will assist with loosening any problem areas you could have from the active spring and summer you enjoyed.
  • Stay committed. This is the hardest part of any successful exercise program. You need to make sure you find something that you enjoy, can be easily scheduled each day, and is convenient for you to continue throughout the remainder of the year.