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 B E S T P R A C T I C E R E V I E W : Point of Care Testing (POCT) .
   Q. Do POCT supplies and quality controls have an expiration date?
A. Yes.
• All POCT supplies and quality controls have a
manufacturer’s expiration date.
• Some supplies and quality control solutions must be dated with a new expiration date upon opening (glucose controls, i-STAT cartridges, urine controls, etc.).
• Refer to the POCT website: Point of Care Testing Procedures for individual instructions and expiration dating guidelines.
Q. How often do quality controls need to be performed? A. Quality controls are performed daily, weekly, or monthly as
Q. Should temperature and humidity be monitored? A. Yes.
indicated by the manufacturer’s instructions for use. For
frequency of quality control testing refer to the POCT website: http://inet/poct/POCT%20QC%20Frequency.htm. A.
Q. Does temperature and humidity affect the performance of POCT devices, supplies and quality controls?
A. Yes. Manufacturers define optimal environmental conditions for supplies and devices. This information is contained in each Point of Care Testing Procedure (located on the POCT website). Exceeding these limits may cause inaccurate test results.
All refrigerators where POCT supplies are stored must be monitored to be within the acceptable range via one of the following:
• Traceable thermometer (documented on a paper log sheet).
• CheckPoint remote monitoring system.
Room temperature & humidity must be monitored in outpatient areas and departments that are not open 24/7 for patient care via:
• A traceable thermometer with humidity monitoring (documented on a paper log).
What action should be taken for POCT supplies if temperatures fall out of acceptable range?
When temperature and humidity fall out of acceptable range, do the following, as applicable:
• Contact the POCT lab at 302-733-4684.
• Run quality controls to check integrity of the testing equipment and supplies.
• Document action taken on the paper temperature log.
• Call Maintenance as necessary for repairs: 733-5990. 
 If you have questions about this Best Practice Review,
please contact the Content Expert: Terry Hawkins: 733-4684; or call the Safety Hotline at 7233 (SAFE) from within Christiana or Wilmington hospitals; from outside call 623-7233 (SAFE).
Christiana Care’s Compliance Hotline can be used to report a violation of any regulation, law or legal requirement as it relates to billing or documentation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Callers may remain anonymous. The toll-free number is: 877-REPORT-0 (877-737-6780).
To learn more about Corporate Compliance, review the Corporate Compliance Policy online or contact Christine Babenko at 302-623-4693.
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