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Out of more than 4,500 hospitals in the U.S., Christiana Care was one of only 29 this year to achieve the highest ratings in every common condition or procedure in U.S. News & World Report’s Best Hospitals rankings. This is the third
consecutive year that Christiana Care has earned that distinction — a record that only 14 hospitals in the country have achieved. Christiana Care was also recognized as the best hospital in Delaware and was ranked No. 3 among the 90-plus hospitals in
the Philadelphia region.
“At Christiana Care, we serve together to make a positive impact on the health of our community,” said Janice E. Nevin, M.D., MPH, Christiana Care president and CEO. “That impact starts with the high-quality, safe care that we provide in our hospitals. This recognition by U.S. News & World Report affirms that we’re exceptional today — and we remain committed to do all that we can to be even better tomorrow.”
The conditions and procedures ranked are: • Coloncancersurgery.
• Lungcancersurgery.
• Chronicobstructivepulmonarydisease. • Heartfailure.
• Heartbypasssurgery.
• Aorticvalvesurgery.
• Abdominalaorticaneurysmrepair.
• Knee replacement.
• Hip replacement.
“These procedures and surgeries represent a high level of achievement across the board and are a testament to our organization’s culture,” said Ken L. Silverstein, M.D., MBA, chief clinical officer and executive vice president at Christiana Care.
“We serve together, guided by our values, Excellence and Love. These values motivate every person who works at Christiana Care to deliver the best care and the best experience to every person we serve,” Dr. Silverstein said.
U.S. News and World Report also ranked Christiana Care as No. 39 in the nation in gastroenterology and GI surgery, the third year running in which it has been included in the top 50. C O N T I N U E D
“We work to ensure that our clinicians
are supported and their actions are firmly grounded in evidence. We also respect the clincian’s ability to use his or her judgement to react to each situation.”
Ken L. Silverstein, M.D., MBA

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