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                         The students attend Howard High School, William
Penn High School, Mount Pleasant High School and St. George’s High School. Three teams made presentations at the semester finale on April 7 at the library’s Black Box
Theater, to an audience that included their family members and Matt Meyer, New Castle County executive. Their topics: three types of brain tumors; causes and treatments for pulmonary embolisms; and a case study of a football player who suffered a concussion.
Meyer said he is hopeful the students will continue their education and contribute to a skilled, vibrant workforce that will improve the qualityoflifeforeveryoneinthecounty. CONTINUED
“At the end of the day, what we want is a healthy state, and these young people can help us achieve that goal by getting an education in health care and taking care of the people back home in Delaware.”
Lisa Maxwell, M.D.
University of Delaware students Jessica Natriello, Marissa Fichera and Andrew Dirks take part in a pioneering clinical immersion program for biomedical engineering directed by Surgical Oncologist Joseph Bennett, M.D., section chief for Surgical Oncology (story on page 20).
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