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                 Our RAPIDTM CT Perfusion gets more patients to lifesaving stroke treatment
That means a greater chance
for recovery and survival.
     During an acute stroke, every passing second represents brain cells lost – up to 1.9 million every minute.
At Christiana Care, we’re using the latest techniques and equipment, and have a dedicated team of medical specialists to maximize your chance to survive and minimize disability.
Our latest imaging using RAPIDTM CT Perfusion helps doctors quickly determine which patients may benefit from a minimally invasive surgery, regardless of time. Previously, these treatments were only available to patients who arrived
less than six hours from the start of their stroke. With more insight into stroke, doctors are able to expand more treatment options to more patients, saving more lives.
It’s just one reason Christiana Care has been recognized across the country as one of the leaders in stroke treatment, offering the most comprehensive care from Philadelphia
to Baltimore.
When it comes to stroke care, innovation is better. And better is what we do best.
          Call 911 at the first signs of stroke.

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