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Through Value-Based Payment, Christiana Care and AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware Partner to Improve Health of Medicaid Patients

(WILMINGTON, Del. – June 27, 2019) In a groundbreaking partnership in Delaware, Christiana Care Health System and AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware have entered into a value-based payment agreement, covering Medicaid beneficiaries, in which both organizations benefit from their effectiveness in keeping patients healthy.

The agreement creates greater flexibility for Christiana Care to address both medical and non-medical health care needs of Medicaid patients. It is designed to fully align the health care payment model with the delivery of high quality, valuable care to Medicaid beneficiaries. Under the new structure, there are benefits for the partnering organizations if health care quality and cost-reduction targets are met or exceeded, and revenue is lower if those targets are not met.

“We are transforming the health system to achieve better health at lower costs,” said Janice E. Nevin, M.D., MPH, president and CEO of Christiana Care. “This value-based care agreement is an incredibly important step that empowers our caregivers to focus on providing the right care, at the right place and time for our Medicaid beneficiaries. It enhances our ability to innovate in meeting the non-medical needs of our patients — addressing challenges such as poverty, hunger and housing insecurity that prevent them from achieving their health goals. We are proud to partner with AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware in this bold new step.”

“This agreement with Christiana Care exemplifies our commitment to providing high-quality health care for our members,” said Emmilyn Lawson, AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware Market President. “It also represents an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with a valued health care provider as our organizations continue the work to help members address the social, economic and environmental barriers to obtaining and maintaining good health.”

“This value-based care agreement is a positive development for Medicaid beneficiaries, managed care organizations and health care providers because it incentivizes our collective commitment to addressing social determinants of health,” added Dr. Lenaye Lawyer, AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware Market Chief Medical Officer. “Strong collaboration with our PCPs, community health workers and case managers is essential in improving health outcomes for our members, especially those with chronic diseases.”

This novel arrangement allows Christiana Care to:

  • Focus on innovative programming to support unmet social needs.
  • Invest in innovative programming to integrate behavioral health and wellness support.
  • Integrate community health workers within clinical care teams to help patients bridge the complexities of the health care system and social services.

These new contract arrangements will continue to leverage the award-winning Christiana Care Carelink CareNow care management platform to support those patients receiving health care services, and will support continued work to identify new and innovative ways to manage the broad spectrum of health needs of Delaware Medicaid beneficiaries.

“We are grateful for this partnership between Christiana Care Health System and AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware that places a new emphasis on the social determinants of health in achieving better health outcomes,” said Department of Health and Social Services Secretary Dr. Kara Odom Walker, whose agency oversees Medicaid coverage for about 225,000 Delawareans. “Far more than the clinical care that is provided to patients, we know that their health and the quality of their lives is influenced by the physical environment in which they live, work and play, the healthy behaviors they embrace or don’t embrace, and their genes and biology. This value-based payment agreement provides Christiana Care providers and AmeriHealth officials with the needed flexibility to meet more of those needs that happen outside of a doctor’s office.”

“I hope this is just the beginning,” Dr. Nevin said. “We look forward to working with the state of Delaware and the other providers and payors in the state as we explore opportunities to build on this model to make a positive impact on the health of all Delawareans.”

Unleashing the power of innovation

An innovative feature of the payment model is that it enhances Christiana Care’s ability to explore health interventions that impact a patient that might not have been covered under a fee-for-service model. Examples may include:

  • Partnering with housing agencies to support transitional housing for homeless patients with complex chronic conditions. Housing allows for improved ability to consistently treat their chronic conditions and support health.
  • Providing nutritious food to chronically ill patients who live in neighborhoods without access to supermarkets or other sources of fresh fruits and vegetables. Adequate nutrition is a foundational aspect of good health.

A bold new step in Delaware health care

This model, in which a health system has partnered with one of the state’s contracted Medicaid managed care organizations in a total-cost-of-care arrangement that includes upside and downside risk, represents an exciting step forward in value-based care for Delaware. In this agreement, Christiana Care and AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware have agreed to share accountability for the total cost of providing health care services to Medicaid members being cared for by Christiana Care providers.

Through this partnership, Christiana Care receives a pre-determined payment for the cost of providing health care services to the assigned AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware Medicaid members, ranging from wellness screenings to primary care visits to hospital stays. If the health outcome targets for the population are achieved at costs that are lower than standard market value, then Christiana Care and AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware are both able to retain some of those savings. If the health outcome metrics and cost reductions are not achieved, then Christiana Care would receive less reimbursement than it would have in a traditional fee-for-service payment model.

The value-based payment agreement applies to the Delaware Medicaid beneficiaries managed by AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware who are assigned to Christiana Care as their primary health care provider. The agreement does not restrict freedom of choice or access to care for these Medicaid beneficiaries.

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AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware, part of the AmeriHealth Caritas Family of Companies, is one of the Medicaid managed care plans that participate in the Diamond State Health Plan and Diamond State Health Plan-Plus programs. AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware helps Delawareans get proper care and stay well, working with communities in need to achieve positive health outcomes throughout the state.

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