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eBrightHealth ACO Improves Care for Medicare Beneficiaries, Reduces Health Care Spending by $7 Million

Approximately 40,000 Medicare beneficiaries benefit from high-quality care

The eBrightHealth Accountable Care Organization (ACO) reduced health care spending by $7 million in performance year  2021 and, with new reporting requirements, earned a quality score of 82.1%. That’s according to recently released performance data by the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

With these favorable results, the ACO has earned approximately $3.5 million in shared savings. This is the second consecutive year shared savings have been achieved.

This achievement marks the sixth consecutive year that eBrightHealth ACO has reduced health care costs for its attributed beneficiaries, bringing the cumulative amount saved during the ACO’s participation in the program to more than $44.5 million.

“Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic the past few years, eBrightHealth ACO has  continued to deliver high-quality care to tens of thousands of Medicare beneficiaries while reducing the cost of that care by millions of dollars,” said Christine Donohue-Henry, M.D., MBA, president and CEO of eBrightHealth ACO. “These remarkable achievements are the result of a close collaboration between the partnering primary and specialty care clinicians and health systems whose talented and dedicated doctors, nurses, and care teams have helped make our ACO so successful. Our continued emphasis on the health and wellness of our Medicare beneficiaries ensures that they receive the right care, at the right place, at the right time.”

For the 2021 performance year, CMS made significant changes to the quality score measure and reporting requirements. The eBrightHealth ACO’s quality score of 82.1% exceeded the program year 2021 quality performance standard that allowed for participation in shared savings.

The eBrightHealth ACO helps clinicians address clinical, behavioral, social and other needs of Medicare beneficiaries while improving their access to primary care, preventing unnecessary emergency department visits and decreasing the amount of time they spend in hospitals. Through regular communications, eBrightHealth ACO also educates and engages beneficiaries to take control of their health through medication adherence, annual wellness visits and other important wellness activities.

The result is improved health and quality of life for beneficiaries and reduced health care spending.

For the 2021 reporting period, the eBrightHealth ACO achieved maximum performance for screening beneficiaries for hemoglobin A1C, falls and tobacco use and cessation.

“We are proud that eBrightHealth ACO is delivering both lower-cost and, most importantly, high-quality care to the Medicare beneficiaries we are honored to serve,” said Daniel J. Elliott, M.D., MSCE, FACP, executive director of eBrightHealth ACO. “We will continue to work tirelessly to improve the patient experience and positively impact the lives of our beneficiaries. We are helping people to be well and stay well – the true mark of an ACO’s success.”

Since its founding in 2016, eBrightHealth ACO’s more than 1,400 partnering primary and specialty care clinicians and four health systems have been supported by CareVio®, ChristianaCare’s award-winning care coordination program. CareVio harnesses real-time data and predictive analytics to identify opportunities to help Medicare beneficiaries better manage their health and prevent complications that might lead to unnecessary hospitalizations or avoidable visits to the emergency department.

During the 2021 reporting period, eBrightHealth ACO consisted of four regional health systems — Bayhealth, Beebe Healthcare, ChristianaCare and TidalHealth Nanticoke — six private primary care practices and two federally qualified health centers, Westside Family Healthcare and La Red Health Center.

The National Association of ACOs provides more information on ACOs, including a fact sheet and other resources — What is an ACO? and the ABCs of ACOs


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About eBrightHealth ACO
eBrightHealth ACO is an accountable care organization that currently includes more than 1,400 primary and specialty care clinicians from four regional health systems — Bayhealth, Beebe Healthcare, ChristianaCare and TidalHealth Nanticoke — as well as six private primary care practices and two federally qualified health centers, Westside Family Healthcare and La Red Health Center. This statewide collaboration helps clinicians address the overall health needs of Medicare beneficiaries, including behavioral health and non-medical needs that impact health, through highly coordinated care that focuses on primary care and careful management of chronic conditions to prevent the need for emergency care and hospitalization. eBrightHealth ACO serves more than 40,000 Medicare beneficiaries from Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Care coordination is provided by ChristianaCare’s award-winning care coordination program, CareVio®.