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Christiana Care offers Fast Breast MRI to Women with Dense Breast Tissue or Intermediate Risk of Breast Cancer

New supplemental screening option for increased breast cancer detection

The Christiana Care Breast Center at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute is the first in Delaware to offer Fast Breast MRI to women with dense breast tissue or intermediate lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.

Mammography has been shown to decrease breast cancer mortality, but it is less effective at detecting breast cancer in women with dense breast tissue. This limitation has prompted women with increased breast density to request supplemental screening.

Breast MRI detects more breast cancers than other screening options. It has traditionally only been available to women at high risk of breast cancer, such as those with a strong family history or genetic mutation.

Fast Breast MRI is a shortened version of a conventional MRI, taking approximately 10 minutes. Studies have shown that Fast Breast MRI maintains a high cancer detection rate, making it a valuable option for women who want additional breast cancer screening but do not qualify for conventional breast MRI.

“Although screening mammography is instrumental in our fight against breast cancer, mammography can miss some breast cancers — particularly in women who have dense breast tissue,” said Nicholas J. Petrelli, M.D., Bank of America endowed medical director of the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute. “Offering Fast Breast MRI to women with increased breast density or intermediate breast cancer risk supports a personalized approach to breast health.”

Fast Breast MRI is not a replacement for routine screening mammogram. According to the American College of Radiology and American Society of Breast Surgeons, annual screening mammography is recommended starting at age 40.

“At Christiana Care, we empower women with information about their breast density and breast cancer risk, provide supplemental breast screening options so women can act on this information and support women in making informed decisions that are right for them,” said Jennifer Rowland, M.D., director of Breast Imaging at the Christiana Care Breast Center.

The Christiana Care Breast Center at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute is among the leading facilities in the region devoted exclusively to breast care, diagnosis and treatment.



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