Catherine Burch, MS, CXA, CUA

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Catherine Burch, MS, CXA, CUA

Catherine Burch, MS, CXA, CUA

Vice President of Health & Technology Innovation

Expertise & Research Interests

  • Inventors & Start-Ups
  • Strategic Foresight
  • Innovation
  • Emerging Technology
  • Human Centered Design
  • Product Design & Agile Software Development
  • AI Assistants & Consumer Robotics
  • User Experience


  • B.S., University of Delaware
  • M.A., Wilmington University

Catherine Burch, MS, CXA, CUA

Vice President of Health & Technology Innovation

Catherine leads the effort to accelerate idea generation and innovation at ChristianaCare. She drives the innovation strategy by executing on those ideas as well as championing new and emerging technologies that have the potential to disrupt health care as we know it today.


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Media Appearances

RealLIST Connectors: Meet the 75 leaders building Delaware’s innovation community

2020-05-28 ,
Catherine Burch, corporate director of the Health & Technology Innovation Center at ChristianaCare.

Delaware patients use virtual reality to get through chemotherapy

2018-12-20 , WHYY PBS
Catherine Burch, director of Christiana’s Health and Technology Innovation Center, said her unit built a web application and even shot some low-resolution videos using a 360 degree camera to test it...

Women in Digital will make its Delaware debut at #DIW18

2018-10-31 ,
In addition to meeting Shearer and seeing how a typical meeting works, there will be a panel, featuring: Catherine Burch, Innovation Center Director, The Health & Technology Innovation Center at Christiana Care...

4 lessons on interviewing for tech jobs, aka the art of being imperfect

2019-03-21 ,
Similarly, “we’re always looking for creativity and curiosity,” said Burch. “If you have a field of applicants where no one has all the skills, the one who is curious is going to stand out.”

Barksdale was succinct: “Give me people who like to break things and fix them.”

4 cool tech projects underway at Christiana Care

2018-11-12 ,
These days, virtually all companies are tech companies.
Banks, retailers, automakers, utility companies, libraries and nonprofits… and, of course, hospitals.

As part of Delaware Innovation Week 2018’s Dev Talks, hosted the panel An Insider’s Perspective on Software Engineering in Healthcare featuring three Software Development Engineers from the award winning Health & Technology Innovation Center at Christiana Care.

Moderator Catherine Burch, Head of the Health & Technology Innovation Center at Christiana Care, led the discussion with John DiGiovanni, Innovation Architect at Christiana Care; Jonathan Meade, Principal Software Development Engineer at Christiana Care; and Erwin Bautista, Senior Software Development Engineer in the Health & Technology Innovation Center at Christiana Care.

Software development in the medtech field can be incredibly rewarding, said the panelists. The products they develop save lives, improve quality of life, and simply make things more convenient for patients and medical staff alike.

So, what kind of tech did they talk about on the panel?
External Service and Affiliations
  • State of Delaware: Science and Technology Advisor
  • Delaware Innovation Space: Spark Factory Mentor
Selected Honors and Awards
  • Information Week Magazine’s “Twenty Great Ideas to Steal”, Information Week Magazine’s “Twenty Great Ideas to Steal”
  • Computerworld’s Honors Program “Top Five” recognition, Computerworld’s Honors Program “Top Five” recognition
Event Appearances
2018-11-02, Moderator - Dev Talks - An Insiders Perspective on Software Engineering in Healthcare,
2020-09-01, The Future of Work - The Digital Workspace Revolution,
2018-05-01, STEM Awards,

System and method for automated voice-based healthcare planning using a supplemental clinician user interface

2022-05-05 , WO2022093927A1
A system and method providing automated voice-based healthcare plan delivery. The system interfaces with the patient through a voice-controlled personal assistant appliance via the internet. Some embodiments are implemented as voice applications or skills within the eco-system of an existing voice-controlled personal assistant device/appliance (hereinafter VC PAD). The system and method allow a clinician to create, digitally input, and modify a healthcare plan for a patient using a simple computer/web interface and without the need of any software development or computer programming skills, and allows a patient to interface with and query that healthcare plan using a largely conventional voice-controlled digital assistant appliance simply and efficiently to extract information about his/her individual healthcare plan in the patient's own language.

System and method for user interface management for medical care management devices

2017-09-08 , 62/555,929
A system and method for controlling a computerized device's display to provide a user interface that renders compact and informative graphical user interface images, particularly in a medical care management device in which a large amount of information is required by the user, and a size of the display device is relatively small.