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Community Benefit

‘No Quiero Volver a Contraer COVID-19’ — ‘I Don’t Ever Want to Get COVID-19 Again’

At 4:18 p.m., the exact moment when Reyna Martínez received the COVID-19 booster vaccine in her left arm, a smile came across her face. Since she wore a safety mask, you couldn’t see the smile. But you could see her eyes broaden and brighten. “I’m relieved,” said Reyna Martinez, 53 of New Castle, Delaware. “I […] Read more

Christiana Care exists to take care of our neighbors

Christiana Care exists to take care of our neighbors in our community—not only our local community, but also our global community. Our ability to deliver this promise is embodied in the extraordinary talent and dedication of our physicians, surgeons, nurses, health care professionals, community outreach coordinators and administrative staff members.

Our growing national reputation enables us to attract some of the best health care specialists in the country. Beyond this, the generous support of our partners in business, government and the community helps us expand and enhance the care we provide to all community members, regardless of their ability to pay.

Each year, our Wilmington Hospital Health Center alone provides primary and specialty medical care for more than 70,000 patient visits. Every day, professionals throughout Christiana Care demonstrate their exceptional commitment to improving the health and well-being of everyone in our community through innovative programs, initiatives and partnerships.

Through these efforts, we continue to transform the very landscape of health care excellence for all of our neighbors. In the articles in this section, you will read about just a few of our efforts to improve the quality of life for those we are so privileged to serve.