Welcome to ChristianaCare, Residents and Fellows!

Celebrating the academic medical journey of our newest physicians, pharmacists, dentists, oral surgeons and podiatrists  is a longstanding tradition here at ChristianaCare, which continued on June 21 as we welcomed 106 residents and fellows into 28 training programs at a ceremony on the Newark campus.

The rite of passage for residents is known as a long coat ceremony. The literal change from wearing the short white coat of a medical student to the long white coat is a meaningful symbol of the passage from student doctor to physician.

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ChristianaCare’s Office of Academic Affairs leads a week-long orientation for the incoming residents and fellows, introducing them to our mission through the ChristianaCare Way, their new roles and best practices, hospital culture, system values and behaviors. The capstones of the week are a health equity simulation and the long coat ceremony.

“Every year, we look forward to seeing our newly appointed residents in the hospital caring for our patients wearing their brand-new white coats,” said Brian Levine, M.D., associate chief academic officer for ChristianaCare.

“We are incredibly proud to have our new residents and fellows,” he said. “They are ready to provide care to our patients and serve together for the health and well-being of our community.”

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