Celebrating Pride 365!

In celebration of Pride Month, members of our PRIDE employee resource group and the Office of Inclusion & Diversity hosted special ceremonies to raise the Progress Flag with caregivers. The Progress Flag flies year-round at ChristianaCare, representing our sustained commitment to inclusion and diversity.

Celebrating Pride Month at Cecil County campus.

“Quite simply, we believe that every patient we care for deserves to receive great care and to feel safe when they receive that care,” said President & CEO Janice Nevin, M.D., MPH, at the Newark campus ceremony.

ChristianaCare recently launched We Ask Because We Care to better serve patients. Understanding the race, ethnicity, language needs, sexual orientation and gender identity of patients allows health care providers to offer more culturally responsive care that focuses on the patient’s specific needs.

Together for Pride 365 at Avenue North campus.

ChristianaCare is also nationally recognized for creating an inclusive, diverse environment for employees. For the fourth consecutive year, Forbes magazine ranked ChristianaCare as one of the best employers for diversity and inclusion in the United States. Mogul also recognized ChristianaCare as one of the Top 100 Companies with Inclusive Benefits in 2023 for “diverse hiring practices” and “progressive workplace resources.”

Progress flag raising at the Middletown Emergency Department.

More than 1,400 caregivers participate in ChristianaCare’s employee resource groups, which create a sense of community based on common bonds or interests, including military service, race, gender, sexual orientation and national origin. Memberships in these grassroots groups have grown 39% since 2022.

Pride Month celebration at Wilmington campus.

“It is with great enthusiasm that we are here,” said LeRoi Hicks, M.D., MPH, executive director, at the Wilmington campus ceremony. “It is really about the fact that we, organizationally, are fully committed to creating an inclusive environment that is supportive of the well-being, health and welfare of both our caregivers and our community members regardless of their sexual orientation, their gender or their identity.”

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