I love giving back to my community. I love helping people. I’m full-time working here but I’m also part-time in school at Drexel University to earn my master’s degree in public health. That’s really what propelled me to get into the field of community health.

On-the-job training

Amanda Baggett

Community Health Outreach Coordinator

Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute

Blue Hen, Graduate Student

What you learn in class can be completely different than what you actually experience, like I do in my job. Luckily for me, I have a manager, Nora Katurakes, MSN, RN, OCN, who is like a mentor to me. She helps me when I have questions about class or relating it to what I am doing now.

It’s my job to go out in the community and highlight the importance of early detection when it comes to cancer, especially for historically marginalized groups.

Lighting the way

I specialize in breast cancer prevention and education. This includes providing education on the impact that triple-negative breast cancer has on the African American population and the genetics through our Story of BRENDA.

This initiative includes education on modifiable risk factors and providing information on ways women can reduce their risk for breast cancer. I also help women navigate to schedule their screening mammogram and I connect those who are uninsured or underinsured to funding opportunities.

The health care system can feel big and complicated. Not knowing where to go, dealing with a lot of doctors — it can be frustrating and scary. I’m just trying to be the calm within the storm.