Christiana Care and dual-language ASPIRA charter school partner to improve families’ health

To make a positive impact on the health of families, Christiana Care’s Office of Health Equity – Community Health is partnering with Las Americas ASPIRA Academy, the first dual-language charter school in Delaware.

Christiana Care donated $3,500 to purchase headphones for students in need as ASPIRA expands online learning to all grades. Christiana Care is also extending its community health programming to the school and providing a dedicated community health worker who will serve the students and their families, many of whom live in the New Castle and Route 9 area.

Bettina Tweardy Riveros

“We want the ASPIRA students to have the tools they need to learn and stay healthy, and we are looking forward to what we hope will be a lasting partnership,” said Bettina Tweardy Riveros, Esq., chief health equity officer and senior vice president Government Affairs and Community Engagement at Christiana Care. “Education is a social determinant of health, with levels of educational attainment directly linked to important health outcomes such as infant mortality and life expectancy. We believe that by addressing the health needs of these students and their families, they will be better prepared to learn, which will have a lasting, positive impact on their health.”

ASPIRA’s mission is “to educate and empower each student to realize their full potential and positively impact their communities.” ASPIRA has grown substantially since it opened its doors in 2011 as a K-5 school with just over 300 students, and now operates as a K-8 school with 785 students.

Community Liaison Margie Rivera said ASPIRA is very excited to have Christiana Care’s support and partnership, and looks forward to Christiana Care’s community health programming at future education sessions and parent nights.