17 complete first Certificate in Healthcare Leadership program

17 complete first Certificate in Healthcare Leadership program

Seventeen managers and staff at Christiana Care earned a Certificate in Healthcare Leadership through a new collaborative program between Christiana Care and the University of Delaware.

Seventeen managers completed Christiana Care’s first Certificate in Healthcare Leadership program with the University of Delaware.

The nine-session, 37-hour program is an important element in the Christiana Care Learning Institute Center for Transforming Leadership’s commitment to develop the next generation of top Christiana Care leaders.

Curriculum highlights include topics such as “An Introduction to Individual and Organization Behavior,” “Learning about Interests and Motivators, Usual Work Style, Needs and Stress Behaviors,” “What Makes a Leader/Manager Effective?” and “The Theory and Practice of Motivating Self and Others.” The program also includes sessions covering the implications of health care reform on Delaware health care and Christiana Care’s business model; coaching for performance; creating value; diversity, inclusion and cultural competency, and other important leadership topics.

In addition to completing class work, the managers worked in teams on a capstone project. The teams presented their findings and recommendations and discussed the leadership lessons they learned in a final session.

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